Dr. Casanova earned her doctorate in Anatomy Science & Neurobiology from the University of Louisville’s Medical School. She is currently a LEND Postdoctoral Fellow with the University of South Carolina (USC), working in close conjunction with the Greenville Health System’s (GHS) Departments of Psychology and Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics in the Department of Pediatrics. She has research background in embryology, genetics, neuropathology, and bioinformatics, with particular focus on neurodevelopmental conditions and a strong emphasis on autism. Her current foci include: 1) the study of disturbances to axial patterning of the CNS in autism and related conditions; 2) the characterization of genomic features common to autism risk genes and the genes’ roles in evolution across species; 3) neurodegeneration in autism spectrum conditions; and 4) identification of additional rare conditions with high rates of autism association. She is also currently helping to coordinate a study between USC and GHS aimed at improving early autism diagnostics and treatment for anxiety in young children with autism. She blogs at Science Over a Cuppa.


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